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Next Circular Wallonia

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Next Circular Wallonia finances industrial projects that are part of the circular economy (circular design and production, new economic models, reverse logic, industrial symbioses) and that wish to accelerate their growth.

Financing of cooperative projects

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W.Alter offers adapted financing for social and cooperative economy projects. The amount of financing depends on the real needs of the enterprises and is analysed on a case-by-case basis. As an indication, W.Alter's equity contributions can go up to €200,000 per project, or even €500,000 if the project is part of the energy transition.

Supporting textile micro-enterprises in their circular journey

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Centexbel proposes regular meetings, and also discovery sessions (production company, sorting centre, test laboratory, etc.) to the actors of the textile sector, active or not in a circular approach.
Centexbel will thus be able to define an approach to enable improvements and maximum progress in the transition to the circular economy.

Digital Circular Experts (D4CW)

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In the framework of the Digital 4 Circular Wallonia programme (D4CW), a pool of D4CW Experts supports companies in their circular economy projects through digital technologies. The general objective is to capitalise on digital technologies to accelerate the deployment of the circular economy in the priority value chains of Circular Wallonia.


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This measure aims to support the creation of research spin-off companies and the training of researchers in entrepreneurship through the development and validation of new products, processes or services intended for short-term industrial use.

Win4Expertise - Technical support (research, development and innovation)

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This aid enables SMEs to have recourse to an external public organisation - an approved collective research centre, a public research organisation, a university or college research unit - for the provision of technical services as part of a support, consultancy and innovation support approach, ideally prior to R&D activities within the company.

EIT Raw Materials

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EIT Raw Materials offers entrepreneurial support to young companies in the development of projects (early stage) of transition to new innovative business models and funding to boost innovation, from the idea stage to commercialisation.

Horizon Europe (EU)

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Horizon Europe is the European Union's framework programme for research and innovation. In addition to making research and innovation in Europe more competitive, the programme addresses current global issues, such as the goals of the circular economy. The programme is based on four pillars, which are divided into thematic clusters.

Innovation Fund (EU)

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Financing highly innovative technologies and flagship projects with European added value that can deliver significant emission reductions. The aim is to share the risk with project promoters to help demonstrate projects.


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LIFE is a European programme that targets actions and initiatives in the fields of circular economy, adaptation to climate change, energy transition, preservation and protection of biodiversity, water and soil, improvement of air quality and waste management.

Win4Company (support for research, development and innovation)

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Win4Company aims to help your company finance an industrial research or experimental development project. This project aims to acquire new knowledge in terms of scientific and technical progress, to use knowledge for the development of a product, process or service, or to strengthen the company's scientific and technological potential.

Win4Collective (support for research, development and innovation)

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The objective of the Win4Collective call is to strengthen the expertise and know-how of the Approved Research Centres (ARC) in key areas for the future of Wallonia. The projects selected will be strictly in line with the philosophy of collective research, i.e. research carried out for the benefit of the greatest possible number of companies, and mainly SMEs.

Call for projects - reuse 2023

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The aim of this call for proposals is to finance actions that increase the volumes of re-used goods and/or improve preparation for re-use in Wallonia. This can be achieved through projects that develop collection for re-use and/or stimulate demand for re-used goods through the development of points of sale.

Call for Projects: Belgium Builds Back Circular - Substitution of Hazardous Substances

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The Belgium Builds Back Circular project aims to support research, development and innovation projects in order to develop knowledge and practices facilitating the substitution of dangerous substances and the development of safe and sustainable alternatives. Submit your application before December 31, 2023!

Business checks - Circular economy

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The "circular economy" vouchers help to carry out feasibility studies for a specific project and offer an analysis of both the economic elements (impact on prices, market analysis, business plan, etc.) and the technical elements (mapping of resources, analysis of the status of materials, technical approval, etc.).

Business checks - Export booster

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The "Export Booster" voucher allows you to have a professional help you for a few days to validate this objective and develop a strategic international plan. This expert can also help you solve a specific problem, particularly in legal and logistical matters. The Export Booster Voucher also covers the intervention of experts to develop an export-oriented web strategy.

Easy’Green loan

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Easy'Green finances projects that reduce SMEs' carbon footprint by improving the energy efficiency of buildings, investing in renewable energy, retrofitting equipment with fluorinated gases or carrying out eco-innovation projects (including circular economy) on attractive terms.