Green Deal Circular Procurement

The Green Deal Circular Procurement (GDCP) is a voluntary agreement between public and private partners and the Walloon Region. Since its launch in November 2019, more than 170 signatory organisations have joined the adventure! 

The Green Deal Circular Procurement aims to accelerate Wallonia's transition towards a circular economy by leveraging the purchasing strategies of organisations and businesses, both public and private. This approach, which is intended to be progressive, encourages the various signatories to move away from a linear approach to purchasing (buy, consume, throw away) to a circular one, while placing new economic opportunities and environmental concerns at the heart of the project.

A "circular" purchase is one that minimises its negative impact on the environment and the production of waste as much as possible. To achieve this, there are a multitude of possible actions: opting for re-usable products, renovating a building with re-used materials, favouring recycled or refurbished goods, pooling and sharing resources, renting a service rather than buying a good, extending a product's lifespan, and so on.

GDCP participants, known as "signatories", commit to a three-year term, either as buyers or as facilitators.  Buyers volunteer to implement a minimum of two circular purchasing pilot projects over a three-year period.  Facilitators commit to carrying out two new actions designed to support buyers in their circular purchasing initiatives.

Signatories are supported by the unique GDCP learning network, bringing together all buyers and facilitators into a single community. Each year, four workshops and an event are organised to bring together buyers and suppliers of circular products and services. A newsletter with news and practical information on circular purchasing is also sent to participants.

Want to find out more or join the adventure? We invite you to contact us at the following email address:

You will also find more information in the extensive documentation available, as well as in the video below (in French).

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